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Chance Helical Pier Systems is a leader in the manufacture and supply of helical piers for new construction foundations. Our installers, are
trained and certified in all types of helical installation. Chance Helical Piers are also used in new construction and to support existing structures.  In compression they are used as footers and in tension they may be used to support retaining or foundation walls.  Using a hydraulic motor attached to a backhoe or skid steer, the pier (which is essentially a large screw) is drilled into the earth to a specified depth or until refusal.  It is a fast and easy way to install a foundation system.

Underpining Installation #1

Underpinning Installation # 2


If the required torque reading is not reached at the specified depth, extensions can be added to the pile enabling the installer to drive the pile to a depth with solid bearing soil.

Properly installed Chance Helical Pier foundation products offer strength support and a cost effective solution. Integral Construction understands the requirements of the customer to solidly design and install foundations correctly, the first time.

Integral Construction heli pile








New Home Construction

Most of us, at some point in our lives think of purchasing a building lot or acreage in the country and building a dream home. For most of us it will be the largest single investment of a lifetime. The first step, prior to foundation construction in any site with steep slopes or unknown bearing soil depths should be a geotechnical report of the building site. The cost of the geotechnical soil borings report will be only a fraction of the total construction cost and could be the best investment for your project, knowing your investment is on solid ground.


If piles are required, the geotechnical report will indicate the depth the piles need to be driven to provide solid bearing support. The engineer can also design the correct piles for the structure. When bearing soils are deep Helical Piers can be installed in structural footing zones; thus saving costly excavation for a deep footline, or a tall concrete stemwall, and the extra time for that work.

Supporting Drain Lines

Pipe support with helical Piers is also used along shorelines to prevent pipes from settlement or lifting and to support pipes when there is excavations nearby that could threaten the pipe.
When sewer or storm drain pipes need to go down steep slopes. Helical Piers are used to support pipes and prevent the need of constant repair.


Integral can turn this situation:

Brokes storm wate line on hillside #1

Broken Storm water line on Hillside #2












Into this:

photo-1 (2)

photo-2 (2)









Milgard storm pipe-erosion control (2)

Milgard storm pipe-erosion control (2)-1








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