About Our Home Foundation Services

For 42 years, Integral Construction, Inc.  In Edmonds, Washington has been developing, designing, and implementing solid foundation solutions for quality homes and commercial projects to meet the needs of their customers. The reason customers have chosen Integral Construction, Inc. hasn’t changed over the years. We have earned a solid reputation for integrity, dependability, leadership and value due in large part to our unwavering attention to quality construction and unfailing pursuit of customer satisfaction.

At Integral Construction we know that your home is the FOUNDATION for your family’s lifestyle, and we honor that philosophy by making sure we create a stabile site with a stable foundation to protect your home and your peace of mind. Whatever your foundation needs are, from structural retaining walls, repairing existing walls, or structural & Geotechnical engineering. Integral Construction has the knowledge and experience. Integral Construction’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected and demonstrated time and time again.

seattle foundation hillside slope stabilization

Our Engineered product line provides solid foundation solutions for both residential and commercial construction. We use the Systems that Engineers Prefer. Helical Screw Piles are a superior product for underpinning as opposed to friction based jacked Piers which can lose their cohesion in landslides and earthquakes.

We install HELICAL TIEBACK ANCHORS and INJECTION BORING ANCHORS for all of our Tieback Anchor work  to support new or repair existing retaining walls. These are both proven technologies used all over the world and proven to pass stringent City Anchor testing requirements.


Over our many years in this business we have developed specialized portable equipment to allow us to Underpin foundations, install Tieback Anchors, and even construct New Retaining walls in areas inaccessible by conventional equipment. We have developed a Portable Drilling Rig which can be hand carried into a difficult site. After being set up on its track, it can Drill and set steel beams for new retaining walls even on steep hillsides. We also have portable Anchor equipment to install both Tiebacks and Underpinning Anchors on hillsides or inside buildings where standard equipment cannot go.

Integral Construction is continuously involved in creating innovated engineer designed solutions for a diverse range of structures and construction projects. We have developed a special design for the in-wall termination of Tieback Anchors which allows stabilization of concrete walls without protruding connections.

So when someone asks what makes Integral Construction, Inc. one of the Seattle area’s finest foundation contractors? We say it is a unique combination of experience, design, quality and of course, an extraordinary commitment to our present and future customers.

From quick response to create temporary erosion control, to the Geotechnical Services which establish the soils conditions of the site and develop the parameters for permanent solutions, to the value engineering and completed Plans with the best structural design to stabilize and permanently secure your site or your foundation, Integral Construction is here to solidify the future of your site and your home.

Integral Construction’s client list includes general contractors, engineers, architects, public agencies, homeowner associations, and owners of commercial, industrial, and residential properties.


Frank Russell