A Solid Foundation

Integral Construction Guidelines for building your new home on a solid foundation

Follow these tips when constructing a new home  or remodeling these tips

  1. Whether your new house is on pier and beam or concrete slab the foundation is its most important component. Do not try to save money by skimping on foundation construction. A soil evaluation must be performed before a proper foundation system can be designed.
  2. Be sure your builder incorporates proper grading, proper piering for your soil conditions, proper drainage, waterproofs the foundation, and installs a vapor barrier.
  3. Include gutters and downspouts in your home plan.
  4. Be sure that pier and beam foundations have vapor barriers installed and are properly vented.
  5. Conduct a yearly inspection of your foundation, driveway, and sidewalks. When drainage or other problems are detected correct them immediately. This is important especially during the first 6 – 10 years after the construction of a new house as it’s during this time the home experiences the greatest settling.


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