Top 10 Signs

Integral Foundation fixes broken homes with foundation problems. If you’re a resident of Puget Sound and surrounding areas and your house is showing any of these 10 signs give us a call today. 206-362-4162

Top 10 Signs that a Home is Experiencing Foundation Problems.

  1. Uneven or sloping floors
  2. Cracks In Exterior Or Interior Brick
  3. Displaced Or Cracked Moldings
  4. Wall Rotation
  5. Cracks In Walls Or Bowing Of Walls
  6. Cracks In Floor, Floor Tiles, Or Foundation
  7. Doors & Windows Won’t Open Or Close Properly
  8. Separation Of Doors, Windows, & Garage Doors
  9. Spaces Between Wall And Ceiling Or Floor
  10. Walls Separating From House