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From the oldest and largest manufacturer of earth anchors, A.B. Chance Company systems are based on more than 80 years of geotechnical R&D.

Foundation Underpinning

An innovative support bracket manufactured by the A.B. Chance Company permits the raising of a structure by hydraulic jacking and transfers loads to screw foundations installed into stable strata.

Steel anchor screws install quickly with common contractor power tools and with minimal disturbance of the surrounding area.

New-Site Foundation Underpinning

To overcome poor surface conditions, system transfer load to stable lower strata. Before
concrete is poured, screw anchors are installed at intervals between the forms for the foundation footing and tied into the rebar gridwork. Screw foundation install quickly with common contractor power tools.

System also may be used to remedy settlement of existing foundation.

Tieback Anchoring System

Power-installed screw anchors speed construction site preparation and remedial foundation work. Without delays for grout curing or foul weather, anchors install quidkly and may be loaded at once.

Typical applications include retaining walls, basement wall repair, breakwaters, revetments, relocatable structures, power transformers, and a patented vertical underpinning system for releveling settled structures and load-designing new foundation work.

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