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Intgeral Construction began repairing landslides as a company in 1985. The company was one of the first to start utilizing the concept and use of “Soldier Beam Retaining Structures” to retain landslide situations. The idea caught on and is of course very common today. Today other geotechnical companies typically do the studies and reports and Integral Construction does the actual field implementation of the repair working in conjunction with the project engineers and geologists. Projects are either bid or negotiated. We appreciate the opportunity of discussions with project consultants prior to beginning the project and contribute information concerning economic and technical aspects if appropriate.

Typical repairs done by Integral Construction  involve grading, drainage, retaining walls, tiebacks, buttress fills and specialty applications that solve specific problems.

We most often prepare the working drawings and the structural calculations in house by in house engineers and geologists that are based on the parameters given in soil reports by others. The permitting process is also generally handled by Integral Construction.

Landslide Repair/Slope Stabilization Services
•In-house engineered design drawings and structural calculations
•Removal of slide materials / debris
•Installation of underpinning caissons / tiebacks / grade beams
•Injection of cement grout under impacted structures
•Slot cut grading / preparation of building pads
•Extensive erosion control / shoring measures

Do you live in a Slide Zone?

Integral Construction Seattle Foundation Repair Leveling and Hillside Stabilization

About slides on Puget Sound
Causes and common types of slides.

Landsliding is a significant hazard along Puget Sound shorelines. Many factors contribute to slides, including geology, gravity, weather, groundwater, wave action, and human actions. Typically, a landslide occurs when several of these factors converge.

Many slides on Puget Sound occur in a geologic setting that places permeable sands and gravels above impermeable layers of silt and clay, or bedrock. Water seeps downward through the upper materials and accumulates on the top of the underlying units, forming a zone of weakness.

Gravity works more effectively on steeper slopes, such as the bluffs that surround Puget Sound, but more gradual slopes may also be vulnerable

Most slides on Puget Sound occur during or after heavy rains, from January through March.

Groundwater may rise as a result of heavy rains or a prolonged wet spell. As water tables rise, some slopes become unstable.

Wave action can erode the beach or the toe of a bluff, cutting into the slope, and setting the stage for future slides.

Human Actions 
Our own actions, most notably those that affect drainage or groundwater, can trigger landslides. Clearing of vegetation, poor drainage practices, and onsite septic systems can all add to the water affecting the bluff.


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