How to Avoid Foundation Repair

8 Tips for maintaining a Healthy Foundation

  1. Concrete Slabs can develop hairline cracks over time. When cracks are minor they can be cleaned out then filled with epoxy glue or similar materials made specifically for concrete crack repair.
  2. Gutters and downspouts are critical factors when maintaining a solid foundation. Properly sized and installed gutters and downspouts should direct water away from your home to prevent heaving of the foundation which is caused by excess moisture. Downspouts should  discharge water approximately 5 feet at a minimum from the foundation built on sandy soil and 10 feet from foundations built on expansive soils.
  3. In ground drains can be installed to assist in drainage of low areas. The drains should drain into areas of lower elevation or into a gravel filled catch basins.
  4. Proper grade with ground sloping away from your homes  foundation is a must for a healthy house. Slope should be about 3 to 5 percent within 10-feet of the foundation.
  5. After a rainstorm look for water puddling near your foundation. If there are puddles you need to find a way to direct the water away from the house. Solutions vary. You may need to cut a swale, or improve the grade around your foundation, or install a French drain Contact a professional to help you with the best solution for your problem.
  6. If the grade around your foundation can’t be corrected install a moisture barrier near your foundation as part of a program for minimizing moisture migration under the foundation. Effective moisture barriers are at least 5 feet deep.
  7. In areas where the grade is extreme and erosion is possible install erosion control systems to assure the stability of slopes and foundation Erosion control can include the use of grass or other ground covers, concrete pavers, rocks, landscape timbers, concrete, liners, etc.
  8. The entire plumbing system, including sewer lines and sprinkler systems, should be checked periodically for leaks. Repair leaks as soon as you find them.