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Helical pier technology has changed the way a lot of engineers, architects, and contractors design and build foundations installing helical piers in place of conventional driven wood, steel, auger cast, and caissons.

Helical pier foundations provide Engineers, Architects and Contractors with a construction system that is much faster and simpler to install.

The benefits are:

  • – less disturbance to the surrounding soil;
  • – eliminating the need to remove any spoils;
  • – providing a predictable load capacity;

Larger hydraulic gear drives have been developed providing the torque for installation of much larger shaft and helix diameters which provides the engineers with considerable flexibilities in pile design.

There are no other types of piles that can be installed in the same time as helical piers and few industries are as demanding for on time and budget costs as the construction industry, which has made the use of helical piers a viable cost effective alternative to other types of piles.

The CHANCE® HELICAL PIER Foundation System has won the recommendations of engineers worldwide for its reliability, quick and quiet installation, and quality materials.

Integral Construction has professionally trained installer who are the best in the industry at providing on time quality products and installation.

We believe passionately in delivering the finest product, excellent service and at a competitive price.

We take pride in our jobs and always stand behind the quality of our work.

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We provide the superior solution for both vertical and horizontal settlement of all types of foundations.  Our patented, solid-steel HELICAL PIER® Foundation System is backed by over 80 years of structural engineering experience worldwide.

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