Home Owner Tips

On the following pages you can read Integral Construction tips on how homeowners can positively affect their home’s foundations. Read tips for maintaining, and general advice on combating foundation problems before they start.

Read our top 10 signs your house is having foundation problems

Read 5 tips for building a new home on a strong foundation to learn how to ensure new home’s are built to withstand future foundation problems.

As a home owner you can secure your investment by inspecting for signs of settling.

The Signs of Settling Include:

•Cracks in Foundation Walls
•Cracks in Brick
•Doors and Windows Sticking
•Cracks in Interior Walls or Floors

The Causes of Settling Include:

•Foundation Built on Unstable Soil
•Excessively Wet or Dry Conditions
•Improper Drainage

If your home shows any of these tell-tale signs, call us today for a free on-site estimate. 206-362-4162 For questions regarding your foundation needs contact us at frankrussell@integralconstruction.com